I started making this site to record ideas that I had spread over time, and that I really miss!

Thanks to those who stay here reading and exploring the site, where I gathered information to share with everyone … friends, colleagues, strangers!


I was a librarian for years, and I think I will be my whole life … even though I no longer exercise the activity! I love books, I think they are the ‘objects’ with the most interesting characteristics; in addition to the physical sensations of paper, illustrations and bookbinding, they serve to teach, dream, heal, keep company … even on the shelves, they are there, ready to enter everyone’s world!

Of all the books I have lived with, I now miss the ones I left behind… children’s books! Memories of the first books I had, and which I still keep yellow and dismembered, made me feel the importance they can have for children.

For these reasons, the ‘bookshop’ that I designed is specialized in children’s literature. However, other books will be available to anyone interested.


Another activity that filled my professional life was to pass ‘knowledge’ as a trainer, within the themes related to books – the treatment of information and research – to disseminate knowledge, which is the basis of the librarian profession.

After the journey, which I see with gratitude, I now begin the independent professional path, with great motivation to share knowledge… and to learn always!

Catarina Barradas Martins